Top Tips For Teeth

Top Tips For Teeth

Top Tip Number One: Be Sugar Smart

Avoid sugary food and drink
before bedtime. They should
be consumed less often and
only at mealtimes. Try sugar
free, diet or no added sugar
drinks. Remember, plain water
or lower fat milks are best

Top Tip Number Three: Brushing Twice is Nice 

Make sure your children
clean their teeth
twice a day with a
fluoride toothpaste.
Help them brush
once before bed and
once at any other
time that suits you
and your family.

Top Tip Number Two: See the Dentist 

It’s free for children under 18
to visit NHS dentists,
so make sure you take
them regularly.

At Pixies we provide fun and stimulating activities that help children develop a great understanding of Oral Hygiene and healthy living.