'We knew the minute we stepped inside the setting and experienced Char Char's immensely warm welcome that Pixies was the place for our daughter. It's a true home-from-home, and we love that it's one of the only EYS in town with which the children get out and about in the community. N has blossomed at Pixies, both in terms of her formative education, and socially. We can't recommend Pixie's enough.'

P&P 2022

'I really can't recommend Pixies enough, it's a magical place.  Not only welcoming, nurturing and inclusive but really great with child development and helping children understand the world.  Along with being a fun place the kids can't wait to get to in the mornings!  The team are the absolute best, so supportive and are like having family nearby, we will miss Pixies so much when the kids start school in September, it's been a wonderful journey.'

TC 2022

"Pixies is a wonderful setting, warm, caring, fun and inclusive. All the staff are brilliant and very experienced and go out of their way to help your child and our family learn and be happy. Eric, our son has been going since he was tiny, and it has done him so much good, both educationally and socially. I can't recommend it highly enough, I so glad we chose Pixies"

Tessa 2022

'As a family we have had and continue to have a wonderful experience at Pixie’s.  Finley and Ethan have really flourished under the expert care given by each of the wonderful ladies at Pixie’s who all go above and beyond every day. We sadly had a family bereavement and during this time the support Pixie’s offered us both in and out the setting was exceptional and beyond what you would expect from a childcare setting.  We cannot express how fantastic Pixie’s have been in the 4 years we have been lucky to have had our children attend, it really feels like an extension of the family.  We trust Pixie’s implicitly with our children, the care they provide is as close to that we give as parents.'

Sian 2022

‘When Arthur started his journey with Pixies at the age of nearly 2 1/2 he was unable to communicate verbally, we did have the odd word here and there, my husband and I understood he’s needs but were finding it difficult to help him find his voice, within the first week at Pixies Arthur was coming home sounding new words and within a couple of weeks was having conversations – we were blown away with the progress! 
He thrives at Pixies, he adores the grown ups at Pixies as well as his peers, he has gained so much confidence and learnt so many wonderful things he surprises me weekly with his new found knowledge, even teaching me a few things! We know Arthur’s in very safe hands at Pixies and are over the moon with his progress. 
We can’t thank you enough!’
Kate 2022