‘Oh we do like to be beside the sea side’

‘Oh we do like to be beside the sea side’

Our Pixies are often out in our local community and we love to be at the sea side, exploring our natural environment.

When at the beach we lead a risk assessment with the children, talking about how we keep ourselves safe when at the beach. The children understood on our most recent trip that they could not go near the water without a grownup, and even with a grownup, we don’t go too close. We spoke about always looking before we throw stones so we don’t hurt ourselves or others. Then the children went off to explore.

During their morning beachcombing they found sea shells, a variety of stones and lots of sea weed. They watched the boats, spotted a helicopter, saw lots of seagulls and then began  mark making on stones.

The children used their imaginations brilliantly, and they made Katie a chair out of stones, then they enjoyed playing tricks on their grownups, putting stones in hoods and in their jumpers- what cheeky Pixies!

What a beautiful morning outdoors and great remembering of how to keep safe!