Spring term one- Amazing Animals

Spring term one- Amazing Animals

This term the children will be exploring our Animal Kingdom.

The children will learn about ,
Life cycles,
Animals around the world,
Climates / Hibernation,
Down on the Farm,
Min Beasts,
Night and day animals
Animal Arts and crafts
Animal patterns.

The children will also learn about David Attenborough.


The children have started the terms activities, with arts and crafts and have begun making their own Animal kingdom with all creatures great and small.

The children have been out and about in our community were they used their imaginations and become “Pixie explorers” as they search the jungle for all kinds of animals.

They discovered dinosaur footprints, They saw cheetahs running super fast, frogs were bouncing, lions and there baby cubs were hiding in the bushes.

What a wonderful and adventurous time outdoors 🍃 🦒




The Children have been working extremely hard over the last couple of week, together we have made our own Pixies Jungle.
The children have been doing their own research, we have explored lots of books surrounding animals, we have watched short clips of David Attenborough on his gorilla trail and learnt about the comodo dragons.
Form all their wonderful research the children have created their own incredible Jungle. They have hand made every single leaf and animal in our jungle display, they even came to use the computer to make their own labels and we are so incredibly proud.
Just look at all of their proud faces!
Today the children enjoyed exploring our Amazing animals out in the community with an exciting visit to Mile Oak  Farm for our little pixies and the big Pixies enjoyed a wonderful hands on experience with ‘Arnie Bananie’ the giant python and his friends from Reptylers.