Day to Day

A Typical Day

The staff team at Pixies are passionate about giving every child the best introduction to education in a personalised and fun way with the aim of installing a love of learning by making their time with us an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Pixie practitioners take every opportunity to be in tune with the children’s learning and development. 

We do this through observations of the children, from getting our coats and shoes on/off etc, enjoying meal times and engagement with the great outdoors as well as the more obvious circle time and adult led activities.

The children’s development is recorded and these observations go into each child’s individual record to create a profile of their experiences over the different areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage. We use online learning journals called Tapestry to record the child’s progress whilst at Pixies, this is an interactive programme which can be accessed from home and added to with comments and observations from home.