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Covid-19 Notice

Our Coronavirus Outbreak Management plan is based on the contingency framework for managing local outbreaks of COVID-19, provided by the Department for Education (DfE).

We implement measures in this plan in response to recommendations provided by our Brighton & Hove local authority (LA), the director of public health (DsPH), Public Health England (PHE) our local health protection teams or by following government guidance.

These measures will be implemented to help prevent the spread of infection within the nursery settings, to manage a COVID-19 outbreak or cluster, to react to high COVID-19 infection rates in the community or when all measures in place are still failing to reduce risk and infection.


Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Pixies has put in place Safe Operating Procedures and adaptations to our everyday practice to ensure that we can offer our staff and children a safe environment. Hygiene and social distancing continue to be the two key elements of infection prevention and control. Risk assessments are carried out regularly to ensure good practice and to keep up to date with any changes to guidance and/or procedures as published by the Government, PHE or the LA.