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Our Childcare Manager

Charlotte Earthey

Currently Studying: BA Honours Childhood and Youth Studies 

Level 3 Early Years Care and Education - March 2006

Level 2 Award in Health and Safety at the Workplace - Jan 2009

Certificate for Safeguarding for Managers - May 2015 updated 2019

Developing Policy and Procedures supporting 2 year olds - June 2013


CACHE Level 2 certificate in Childcare and Education - Nov 2013

Prevent and British Values training- September 2016

Paetriatic First Aid - April-2019 

Emergency First Aid at Work April 2019 


About Me

Hi my name is Charlotte, best known as Char Char I am the Child Care Manager at Pixies Childcare. I have been working in child care for 17 years, during these many years I have gained a number of qualifications including my NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Learning and Development and a depth of experience. 

I have been fortunate enough throughout my career to have worked in a number of job roles from Nursery Practitioner to Nursery Manager, I have enjoyed all these great opportunities to learn and develop as a practitioner.

I joined the pixies team in May 2013 and began studying for a BA honours in Childhood and Youth studies with the Open University to develop my skills as a practitioner and to gain a greater knowledge of child development. I have been studying for three years now and am enjoying the new challenge. Pixies has been a wonderful setting to grow in. 

The ethos of Pixies with the holistic approach to childcare, has given me a new passion for my job. I feel I learn from the children and my colleagues daily. The children are free to make choices that shape their own learning journey, and the voice of the child is paramount to all staff in this fantastic and diverse team. There is a real warmth and family feel to Pixies and I have fallen completely in love with the unique approach to childcare. I feel blessed to be a Pixie.



Our Admin Manager

Laura Jackson

Cert. Ed. Teaching - July 1978.

B.Ed (hons)  in Education & Drama- Aug 1979

Early Years Professional Status - June 2007

Food and Drink guidelines for Early Years - June 2012/ April 2017

Safeguarding for Lead Practitioners - April 2015 / September 2017

Paediatric First Aid - December 2019

Emergency First Aid at Work December 2019 

GDPR - June 2018

Certificate for Safeguarding for Managers - May 2019


About Me

Hello my name is Laura and I am proud to say that I have been a ‘big Pixie’ for 7 years now! 

Pixies is a home from home setting for all the Pixies, big and small! The children are happy and settled here, and the staff team are friendly, caring and enthusiastic people who take care and pride in their work!

I have worked in teaching and Early Years for most of my working life, being directly involved with the younger children for the last 25+ years! I qualified as a teacher after leaving school, and brought my qualifications up to date by undertaking further training over the years and achieved Early Years Professional Status in 2007. From 1990 I managed several childcare settings in the South London area before moving to beautiful Sussex in 2012 when my husband decided to relocate due to retirement. 

But sitting around all day was not for me and I looked around for somewhere exciting to be. I found Pixies!   I joined the management team in early 2013 and over the past years my role has developed and changed somewhat, being given the main responsibility for admin tasks and accommodating my requests to work part-time. I am a very proud parent and grandparent, which gives me yet more exciting and interesting times with plenty of experiences to draw from. 

I love being around the Pixie children and having the opportunity to share in their learning journeys, and there is always something new and different each day.




Our Deputy Manager 

Katie Bonner

CACHE Level 3  Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce: 2014
Level 2 First Aid at Work: 2014
CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce: 2015

Prevent and British Values Training- July 2018

Safeguarding children in need of protection- May 2018 

Paediatric First Aid - December 2019

Emergency First Aid at Work December 2019 



About Me

My name is Katie, I first started at Pixies in October 2013, when I started my placement whilst attending college. I loved Pixies so much that I decided to continue my placement until my course had finished…and here I am 7 years later! At college I gained a CACHE Level 3 Diploma. I then continued my studies for a second year receiving another qualification CACHE Level 3 extended Diploma. I am completely in love with Pixies and thoroughly enjoy working closely with the younger children and getting incredibly messy.

Pixies is a fantastic setting and has allowed me to grow as a practitioner working alongside lovely practitioners and wonderful children. 


Senior Early Years Practitioner

Emma Downs

CACHE Level 1 Key Skills and communication - Jan 2013 

CACHE Level 2 Certificate for Children and Young Peoples workforce - Aug 2013

Level 2 Food Safety - July 2013 

Intemediate Level Apprenticeship in Children and Young people’s workforce - Sept 2013

Level 3 Diploma Children and Young people’s workforce - Sept 2015

Paediatric First Aid - April 2019

Prevent and British Values- September 2016

Equalities Awarenss- February 2019

Safeguarding Children in need of protection June 2019

Safeuarding in a digital Age- Keeping children safe online- June 2019


About Me

Hello my name is Emma I have been at Pixies for almost 7 years and I love it here. I grew up with a large family being the eldest of 7 children with large age gaps, I loved looking after the little ones and as they got older doing activities with them. After school I attended college and worked in retail but always felt I wanted to do something else.

I found a job with an outdoors activity company and spent 6 years working in the outdoors industry where I took children (6-18 years) on activities such as rock climbing, fencing and hiking. When I was not with the children I was a ‘groupie’ one of a select number of staff with the responsibility of looking after children’s pastoral care from early morning wake ups through to dinner. Some of these children came to centres without guardians and were very dependant of ‘groupies’, though I worked with all ages it quickly became clear that I worked well with the younger age range and I made it my thing, you would often find me singing as we walked along with a group of children. 

After 6 years in the outdoors industry I decided to look for an apprenticeship to finally get me started on the career path I had chosen. After completing my Level 2 in childcare in a nursery setting, I knew that I wanted to obtain my Level 3 quaification. I looked for another setting to gain more experience and pursue my career. It was then that I found Pixies. From the moment I stepped through the door I knew it was the place I wanted to be, a happy, caring, fun setting with fantastic staff and children. I finished my Level 3 in 2015 and I am now a fully qualified practitioner, and I am truly loving everything about Pixies. 



T’sha Gregory

Early Years Practitioner 

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Children and Young People’s Workforce- Feb 2019

Safeguarding Children in need of Protection-June 2019

Prevent Duty and British Values- 

Paediatric First Aid - December 2019

Emergency First Aid at Work December 2019 

About me 

Hi I’m T’sha, I’m a bubbly practitioner who is well known for my fun and energetic personaility. I have been working at Pixies for three years, I joined Pixies as an apprentice and I am now a qualified level 2 child care practitioner and I’m excited to say I’m about to start my NVQ level 3. I have had the best experience working at Pixies and have enjoyed growing as a practitioner at such a unique setting, I continue to be full of enthusiasm and I love to share this with the children by encouraging them to join in & explore their environment.



Kacie Dunk  

Early Years Practitioner 

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Children and Young People’s Workforce- Feb 2019

Exciting and informed provision; the EYFS Areas of Learning and Development- February 2019

Prevent Duty and British Values- April 2019 

Paediatric First Aid Certificate- April 2019

First Aid at Work- April 2019 

Safeguarding Children in need of Protection- June 2019


About Me

Hello, my name is Kacie and I was lucky enough to have joined the Pixies team In May 2018. I have since had a great journey, I have been given so many opportunities to grow as a developing practitioner at Pixies working alongside some really dedicated and marvellous practitioners, who have shown me how to be the best big Pixie I could be. I have developed so many great relationships at Pixies with parents and children and love being hands on with the little Pixies. I pride mysef on the fun activities I offer the children and of course the laughter we all share. 



Mari Quashie     

Early years Assistant

Exciting and informed Provision: the EYFS Areas of Learning and Development- February 2019

Safeguarding Children in need of protection- January 2019

Peadiatric First Aid Certificate- June 2019

Prevent and British Values- July 2019


About Me

Hi Ya, Im Mari, I am a proud Mummy of three wonderful children and I have had many brilliant years of experience working with children as a nanny. I care for children who have attened Pixies and I just fell in love with their ethos and holistic aproach to child care, they truly pay attention to children’s wellbeing and promote such healthy social relationships bewteen children and each other as a team. Pixies asked me if I’d like to join their team in September 2018 and I was really excited to join their setting, I have loved my journey so far and look forward to to many coming years with the Pixies team and wonderful children




Ella Bissett

Apprentice Early Years Practitioner 

Working towards - Intermediate Level in Children and Young People’s Workforce

Safeguarding Children in need of Protection- Jan 2021

Prevent Duty and British Values- Jan 2021

About Me

Hello, I am Ella, I’m fairly new to Pixies and have recently started my children and young peoples workforce training, I’m really enjoying developing new skills and have grown so much in confidence since joining Pixies. Staff, children and parents have all welcomed me into the setting with open arms it’s like one big family at Pixies. I really enjoy watching the children have such opportunity to make their own learning journeys and feel that Pixies promote ‘the child’s voice’ so well and the children are observed to be developing with such great confidence.